Monday, July 12, 2010

Test and more test!!!!!

Omg tmr lik gort two test and best of all both need to memorise. Haiz moreover need to do dnt hw and art hw how can i possible finish all under such a short time. Now i tink cannot go out that often since that bloody art n dnt hav so much hw. Although i dunno how to play music or cook during home econ but at least dun hav hw. Furthermore nid to complete the ne board how stup am i to sabo my best friend n thus i need to accompany them.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Esplanade n Steamboat(:

Err for the first half interval, I was sitting beside zoe. She is quite nice. U noe wad that zul hor scolded me cause i kept on fidgeting actually i hav a reason behind it. The reason is i hav to keep myself awake. During break, zoe told me that she wna change to behind then i damn scared cause i dunwan to sit with peishan. Thus, i went to beg hidayah and zul to change place with me but eventually they did not despite the fact that i sound damn desperate.Fortunately, Eunice came and sit beside me the second interval so i was lik damn heng. Overall, it is quite fun.

We went to amanda house to eat steamboat. We meet up at bedok inter first. I reach there at 12:15 when our meeting time is 12:00. Guess wad i am the first to arrive again.....Then we went to watch yewen omg when i see yewen beating up the japanese is lik damn shiok. However, i tink first part is lik damn boring should delete it then add more fighting scene, the more the better:D

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

School reopen

So long nvr post le. Sch so far quite good except for one unpleasant experience hahas. Err change seating arrangement however i still sat with joyce maybe is fated urghh... But heng gort valerie behind me to talk to me cause minning and junhong dun really turn their head to talk to me. Hahas maybe they r u too quiet. Haiz then the whole clique lik almost all sit at the other side of the room): Then today fell down and now my ankle is swollen haiya i am so clumsy. Ohh I oso went out with the clique to eat jap restaurant in bedok inter n the food sux but quite fun:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So long nvr post le

Err Monday, I continue to do my wordlist hahas i damn guai rite.Actually hor I can reach my goal of five group in a day but because of my jiejie i can only do till four that explains y i cant finish it by that day. Best still when i was down at the lobby heading back to my ah ma home i found out that i left the ramen at home, that my jiejie wna cook. Hahas i am a blursotong. Then went back n then when i wan to come down the lift juz wont come. Finally, it had come but it is full so i waited for the second time. In total i at least waited for lik more than five minute.

Err tuesday, I finally finish my wordlist. Hahas i juz found out that actually i am quite fast:D Then went back to my ah ma home n on the way back it was raining so no choice i hav to walk in the rain cause i did not bring an umbrella. Then went to chat with amanda to tell her bout the outing. Omg i am lik damn look forward to this thursday cause spending time with the whole clique is damn fun. Amanda is funny and a little bit auntie but auntie in a cute way:D Eunice hav a lot of inside news then can gossip alot:) Heyse always make fun of me but to me it is quite fun hahas. Jiayi is quite childish but she is very fun to play with:D

Friday, June 11, 2010

The outing

Second post of the day. Today went out with Jiayi as what I have sae earlier on and it turn out to be quite a nice day:). Hahas too bad eunice cannot come. We went to the library to find books as usual and we found quite alot of damn nice book okay i have to admit that i am turning to a geek or should I sae i am already is hahas. Then after that went to my favourite place PIZZAHUT. I found out that people always use PIZZAHUT as a lure for me to go with them. After that, we returned back to the library cause i have a terrible stomachache haiz it is damn pain okay. Then it is followed by McDonald, Jiayi favorite. Hahas i very fair rite? Then we gossip here gossip there as usual. Ohh then Jiayi order choc sundae while i order mcflurry. Hahas it is nice but i nvr finish cause too full already. Thats it for today:D

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday, i went to do my my eng homework from 7 plus to 11:30 then night i do from 9 plus to 10:20 so guai rite. In between went back to my ah ma home, then chat with jiayi over the phone. Actually hor the whole conversation did not consist of gossip only okay, we discussed almost everything. Ohh btw heyse is joining my tuition centre hahas then eunice also most likely would join:D Only left that amanda haiz so hope she will go it would be so much fun if gort her around. Then after that we were discussing about that outing haiya S11 so troublesome sia all because of this everything cannot do. Damn look forward to today outing with Jiayi to pizzahut but most likely only we two cause eunice gort councillor camp heyse cannot make it amanda nvr reply. Haiz y eunice cannot come? But nvm i tink would be quite fun bah.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today went to white sands to eat McDonald for breakfast. Then after that went to the library and saw one super nice book. Omg nowadays like gort damn lot of nice book to read hahas i am becoming a geek. But seriously those books r damn nice. One of them is the series of A House Of Night Novel and best part is Vampire Diaries has come up the newest book called Nightfall. So many nice book but gort so little time. Best part there is a pile of homework which i cant possibly finish hahas maybe I should copy from my friends:D. Especially for chinese i dont even tink teacher would even check they just tell us do for the sake of doing. Hehe but i bet half of our class wont do wan so i am not that scared can finish english already very guai liao.